Interior Plant Design/ Living Plant Walls/ Outdoor Container Design

Interior Plant Design by Plante La Vie located in Tampa, Fl.

Do you have a home, apartment or townhouse rental property? Are you looking to add more GREEN to your interior or exterior space? If so, we've got you covered!


The Process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation. We will come out to your space and get a feel for the layout of the space, the vibe/aesthetic you are looking for, along with any special requirements to be mindful of (i.e- curious pets who like to eat plants).

Step 2: Sourcing & Curating. Our team takes the notes from our initial consult and we go to work sourcing and curating a list of plants & pots that we know will thrive and grow well in our clients space. 

Step 3: Proposal. Our team will send over a slide deck proposal with a visual design mock up of the plants/pots we recommend, along with the estimated project cost.

Step 4: Sign Agreement & Pay Deposit. Once the client signs the proposal and pays the 30%  initial deposit fee, our team gets right to work ordering all the plant and pot materials needed for the project and will follow up in a timely manner to schedule the final install day. (**Please note: the 30% deposit fee will be deducted from the final invoice price**)


For all project requests and questions, please email us at: