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4" Hoya Chelsea

4" Hoya Chelsea

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The Hoya Carnosa ‘Chelsea’ has glossy and puckered, heart-shaped leaves that fill many homes with elegance, beauty, and glamour. The Chelsea Wax Vine will give you bursts of flowers in suitable environments. However, their bloom time is brief, so keep your eyes peeled for their fragrant and fleeting offering. Hoya carnosas are easy-care indoor plants if you have the medium to bright indirect light that they need. They don't require constant watering and do not require high humidity levels. Since the Hoya Chelsea has waxy leaves and is succulent, it will require little water.

  • Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are shown as a range
  • 4" Plant measures between 4–8" tall from the soil line to the top of the foliage
  • Arrives in a 4" nursery grow pot. Pottery can be purchased on our site for additional price.

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Care Guide

Plant Care

Hoya Carnosa "Chelsea, Brazil.


Thrives in bright indirect light. Can't tolerate direct light conditions.


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out in between.

Pet Friendly:

Yes! This plant is non-toxic to pets!

Sad Plant Signs:

  • Yellow leaves, wet potting mix: Overwatering.
  • Leaf drop: Low light, moisture-stress
  • Drooping, leaf curl, dry potting mix: Underwatering.

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