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6” Aglaonema Maria

6” Aglaonema Maria

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Care Tips:

Lighting: Will do well in medium sunlight but can also do well in low light conditions.

Watering: Water when the soil is about halfway dry and give it a good rinse. Leaves will let you know once it needs some water as you will see them droop.

Humidity: Can handle dry conditions, but will grow much faster in a humid space.


Not Pet Safe


Aglaonema Maria is a species of houseplant that is part of the Araceae family. It is also known as Chinese evergreen, and it is native to Southeast Asia. Aglaonema Maria is a small, compact plant that has dark green leaves with white veins. It is a popular indoor plant due to its attractive foliage and ease of care.

Aglaonema Maria prefers indirect, bright light and can tolerate lower light conditions as well. It requires moist but well-drained soil, and it is important not to overwater it. It can tolerate a range of temperatures but prefers warm, humid conditions.

Aglaonema Maria is a slow-growing plant and is typically propagated through stem cuttings or by dividing the root system. It is a relatively low-maintenance plant that can add a touch of green to any indoor space.

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